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Emily Martz Discusses Campaign For State Senate

Emily Martz
Emily Martz for Congress/Facebook
Emily Martz

In the summer of 2017 Emily Martz resigned from the Adirondack North Country Association and announced she was running in the Democratic primary for New York’s 21st Congressional District. She lost that bid and subsequently decided to run for state senate. She is challenging Republican incumbent Betty Little to represent New York’s 45th Senate District. Martz says while she respects Senator Little there are a number of reasons she decided to challenge her.
“There are so many opportunities in our region for um given our great public school systems, given our safe communities, given our natural resources, my background is in economic development so I’ve helped some of those opportunities come to life. And we need to make sure that we are moving into the 21st century, creating the skilled jobs, helping our farms really become what they should be and need to be and are which are integral parts of our community and our economy. And people are leaving the region and so I want to one of the reasons that I ran for Congress was to make sure that everybody can realize their full potential and that’s what I want to do for this region. So that’s one reason because of the opportunities that we have. And I think we need some fresh voices some fresh energy in order to help make that happen. And the second reason was because of a lot of what is happening at the national level and wanting to make sure New York and New Yorkers are still able to realize their full potential in light of it. One we saw back in June the Supreme Court case in Janus with unions that really infringe upon workers’ rights. And also knowing that a lot of people agree that the country is moving towards a place where Roe v Wade will be chipped away at and I want to make sure that New Yorkers are fully protected. So it’s both in terms of the opportunities that we have as well as helping to protect against negative things that are coming down the pipeline.”

Martz is challenging Republican incumbent Betty Little.

Extended conversation with NY 45th Senate candidate Democrat Emily Martz

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