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Plattsburgh Mayor Offers Update On City’s Fiscal Plan And Cryptocurrency Mining Moratorium

Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read
Colin Read for Mayor/Facebook
Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read

Plattsburgh’s mayor and city councilors are continuing to work on a five-year fiscal plan even though they completed the city’s annual budget several weeks ago. Mayor Colin Read explains that while a multi-year year plan is required, for many years it was not produced.
“I started renewing that tradition last year and it became even more refined this year. The council did a great job in making some really prudent assumptions and then did a spreadsheet that determined what those assumptions would imply over the next five actually it went out ten years. And then from that gave me targets for what our spending ought to be next year and for the next five years for that matter although we’ll go through this exercise again next year and the remaining four years will probably be modified then. So that gives me then a number to bake into a budget that I will recommend. Normally I’m the mayor’s not required to do that until October but we’re trying to move towards a much more sustainable budget in the city. So this is done a little bit earlier than in past years.”

Democrat Colin Read is in his first four-year term as mayor of Plattsburgh.

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