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Plattsburgh Mayor Discusses Impact Of This Week’s Flooding In City

Following the rapid warming late last week, an ice jam formed in the Saranac River that led to flooding of the Underwood Estates Mobile Home community in Plattsburgh.  Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read says while many homes could wind up uninhabitable, there may be no state or federal aid to turn to for help.
“This disaster is huge for the city of Plattsburgh, but relatively small for a very large state. FEMA aid is proportional to how big your state is. We’re not eligible apparently for aid beyond the city’s resources.  Ironically enough in Vermont, which is smaller, a smaller disaster would entitle them to aid.  Doesn’t mean that state agencies aren’t trying to help out with emergency response etc.  But it appears that the bills are coming to the city.”

Nearly 200 people were evacuated from Underwood Estates. Building inspectors were checking some of the homes this afternoon and allowing a few residents to return.

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