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Discussion On Quebec-Canadian History As Canada Celebrates 150th Anniversary

City of Plattsburgh

Canada Day is July 1st and this year the country is celebrating its 150th Anniversary of Confederation.  On Saturday, Quebec Culture Specialist and Foreign Language Consultant David Graham will lead a discussion in Plattsburgh on Canadian history.  He says he will look at the country’s history from Quebec’s perspective because that province is an essential part of Canada’s history.
“Beginning in the 1600’s until the 1960’s there were important events that happened in that part of Canada now known as Quebec that in fact were determining events in Canadian history.  The establishment  of Canada in 1660 really by Louis XIV and sending the Carignan-Salieres Regiment to protect Les Filles du Roi helped to establish the French civilization in North America. And then in 1759 the battle between the French and the English on the Plains of Abraham meant that the French control of Canada existed no longer.”

David Graham’s presentation The Role of Quebec in Canadian History is part of the city of Plattsburgh’s Canada 150 celebration.

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