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New York Attorney General Highlights Mortgage Assistance Programs

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman
Pat Bradley/WAMC
NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was at one of the legal aid offices that provide free assistance to struggling homeowners in Plattsburgh Monday to discuss state programs that help distressed homeowners
avoid foreclosure.

The attorney general said too many people had suffered during the collapse of the housing market and the NY Homeowner Protection Program and the Mortgage Assistance Program are crucial programs helping people keep their homes.   “As long as I’m Attorney General no one is going to lose their home because they could not get to a lawyer.  We fund almost 90 agencies all across the state to help New Yorkers stay in their homes.”

The Attorney General also highlighted an app that helps homeowners determine whether a mortgage assistance company is part of a foreclosure rescue scam.