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Chamber Holds Informational Session on New Health Care Exchange

The Plattsburgh North Country Chamber of Commerce hosted an informational forum on the upcoming changes in health insurance this morning.

More than 150 business owners, managers and employees crowded into the meeting room to learn about changes occurring as health insurance marketplaces are due to begin enrollments.
Abbott, Frenya and Russell Senior Accountant Stephen Wood was in line to sign in for the program.

Adirondack Health Institute Education and Outreach Specialist Erika Walker offered a powerpoint overview of New York’s marketplace.

The North Country Chamber of Commerce is a health insurance broker.  President and CEO Gary Douglas announced a new collaborative among six major upstate chambers to deliver health insurance to small businesses, both within and outside the exchanges.

Erika Walker notes that there has been both curiosity and confusion about the new marketplaces.

Questions following the presentations ranged from whether alternative medicine providers would be accepted to how businesses can deal with both New York and Vermont health exchanges. Some proprietors came away from the session with more questions than when they walked in the door.

The meeting launched a series of forums the Chamber  will hold across the North Country on the health care marketplace.

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