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Congressman Forms Agricultural Advisory Committee

farm tractor in field
WAMC/Pat Bradley

Northern New York’s congressman has formed an advisory committee on agricultural issues.

New York 21st District Democratic Congressman Bill Owens served on the House Agriculture committee in past Congressional sessions. He now sits on the appropriations committee, an exclusive appointment.

He has introduced a number of agriculture-related bills during the current session. Noting that local input is crucial, he has now formed an agricultural advisory committee for the district. Franklin County Farm Bureau President Kirby Selkirk.

The committee is comprised of 40 members from 10 of the 12 counties that Congressman Owens represents. Kirby Selkirk owns Kirbside Gardens in Chateaugay. His farm began as greenhouses, but now he raises lamb for market, and produces yarn for craft stores. Selkirk is one of two advisory members from Franklin County.

Mike McCaliffe, owner of Carriage House Garden Center in Willsboro New York, is a member of the advisory committee from Essex County. McCaliffe hopes it will help promote local agriculture.

McCaliffe expects many shared and differing concerns to be expressed.

Congressman Owens is planning the first official meeting with the group, via conference call, next week.