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New Report Shows Importance of Outdoor Recreation Revenues

Jarek Tuszynski via Wikipedia Commons

A national association has released a report assessing the economic importance of outdoor recreation to each state.  In New York and Vermont that sector of the economy translates to thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in revenues.

The Outdoor Industry Association’s state by state Outdoor Recreation Economy report finds that outdoor recreation generates 2-point-5 billion dollars in consumer spending in Vermont, and 33.8 billion in New York.  It creates 34-thousand direct jobs in Vermont and 305-thousand in New York, while generating 176 million dollars in tax revenues in Vermont and 2.8 billion in New York.
Northern Forest Canoe Trail Director of Partnerships & Marketing Kevin Mack.

Adirondack Regional Tourism Council Executive Director Ron Ofner says it’s important to market the region or much of the outdoor recreation revenue could be lost to neighboring states.

The Adirondack North Country Association manages the region’s scenic byways program. Executive Director Kate Fish says there has been growth in some sectors like mountain biking.  But she has some concerns about future opportunities.

A link to the Outdoor Recreation Economy report is available here.