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Fort Ticonderoga Reports Growth in Visits and Revenue

Fort Ticonderoga, one of the nation's oldest historic sites, is reporting increases in attendance, revenues and donations during its 2012 season.

It was only a few years ago that Fort Ticonderoga’s financial situation was so tenuous that there was talk it would have to shut down for a season or auction part of its collection of artifacts and artwork to raise money. Officials at the Fort executed a comprehensive plan to fortify its financial stability, completing Phase One in March.  Fort Ticonderoga President and CEO Beth Hill says their efforts led to a remarkable season.

Paid attendance at Fort Ticonderoga increased nearly 6 percent and admissions revenue rose 18 percent compared to the 2011 season. Donations to the membership program were up 38-percent and there was an 18-percent growth in annual giving. Again Beth Hill.

Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Matt Courtright says many businesses in the area reported a busy summer and fall season that visitors to the Fort may have helped advance.

Implementation of Phase Two of Fort Ticonderoga’s strategic plan will begin early next year, targeting product development and planning for capital growth.