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Counties Deal With Tax Issues


A northern New York county is struggling to keep it’s budget under the tax cap, while a neighboring county is reporting sales tax revenues that will help them stay under the cap.

Essex County officials are considering a local law to override the state mandated 2-percent tax cap.  Town of Moriah Supervisor Tom Scozzafava says they would have to hold two votes to actually block the cap.

Scozzafava says most of the county budget is mandated and he’s critical of opponents to the override. Town of Willsboro Supervisor Ed Hatch says he voted for the override last year, but he doesn’t feel the budget has been adequately scrutinized and therefore the cap should be kept.

While Essex County struggles with its tax cap, to the north, Clinton County is reporting that sales tax revenues are above projections, thanks to an influx of Canadian and other shoppers.  Clinton County Legislature Finance Committee Chair Sara Rowden says that’s likely to keep the 2013 budget under the tax cap.

Rowden said more Canadians and Vermonters are visiting the county and increasing the tax revenues.