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North Country Counties Join Yellow Dot Safety Program

The Yellow Dot Program is a safety initiative being introduced across New York State.  Clinton, Franklin and Essex County sheriffs announced their participation in the program Tuesday morning.

Sheriff’s departments across the state are implementing the Yellow Dot Program to provide emergency responders with critical health information at the site of an emergency. The idea is to place a round yellow sticker provided by the local sheriffs department on your car, which indicates there is a form with medical information in the glove compartment. Essex County Sheriff Richard Cutting says the Yellow Dot Program gives emergency responders information they need.

Clinton County Emergency Services Director Eric Day says the information provided through the Yellow Dot Program could be essential during the so-called Golden Hour after an injury or accident.

Franklin County Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill.

The sheriffs from Clinton, Franklin and Essex counties announced the rollout of the program as a unified effort. Clinton County Sheriff David Favro says a tri-county approach is crucial.

About half of New York’s sheriffs have adopted the Yellow Dot program since the New York State Sheriffs’ Association began rolling it out this spring.  It was created in Connecticut and more than a dozen states have adopted it.