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Health officials caution well owners in flooded areas of Clinton County

 Drinking water safety after flooding poster
Clinton County Health Department
Drinking water safety after flooding poster

The Clinton County, New York Health Department is advising people with private wells in areas that flooded over the weekend to make sure the water is safe.

Heavy rain over the weekend resulted in flooding of the Great Chazy River in Clinton County especially in the Ellenburg and Altona areas.

Private wells affected by flood waters can become contaminated with pathogens that could cause serious illness in both humans and pets. Wells can also be contaminated by fuel oils and chemicals released into flood waters.

If a well is suspected of being contaminated, the Health Department says the water should not be used for drinking, cooking or washing.

The Health Department says signs of a contaminated well include a loose cap or damage to the well casing allowing sediment and debris to enter; submersion of the well or erosion around it caused by flood waters.

If contamination is suspected contact the Health Department.