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Vermont legislature overrides budget veto

Vermont Statehouse
Vermont Statehouse

The Vermont legislature has voted to override the governor’s veto of the state budget.

The Democratically-controlled House and Senate overrode Republican Phil Scott’s veto, who had objected to higher spending and taxes in the $8.5 billion plan.

St. Albans Town Republican Casey Toof voted to sustain the veto Tuesday.

“Thirteen percent increase in base funding and over $500 million in new taxes; $30 million in new property taxes, 20 percent increase in DMV fees, numerous OPR fees all while giving ourselves a 50 percent increase in pay. Vermonters just cannot afford this," said Toof.

Newfane Democrat Emily Long voted to override, saying the budget is an essential investment in the state’s key priorities.

“This budget meets the immediate challenges and the needs facing Vermonters and it supports our long-term priorities," Long said. "This is a responsible, balanced budget that invests in transformational change and it moves us all forward.”

The House voted 105 to 42 to override. In the Senate, there was no debate before it voted 25 to 5 to override the governor’s veto.

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