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New York Gov. Hochul announces "parameters of conceptual" budget deal, two weeks after deadline

WAMC Sports Report 12/23/22: Congress passes equal pay legislation


(AP) The House has passed a bill that ensures equal compensation for U.S. women competing in international events.

The Equal Pay for Team USA Act, passed late Wednesday, will require all athletes representing the United States in global competition to receive equal pay and benefits in their sport, regardless of gender.

It covers America's 50-plus national sports and requires the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee to handle oversight.

The bill had earlier passed the Senate with unanimous support. It now heads to President Joe Biden’s desk.

In a speech Wednesday night on the Senate floor, Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), who co-sponsored the bill with Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), called the bill a fitting way to cap off 2022, which marked the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the landmark law that promoted gender equity in sports.

In NFL football Thursday:

The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the New York Jets 19 to 3.

In NHL men’s ice hockey:

In New York, the Rangers defeated crosstown rivals the Islanders 5 to 3.

The Carolina Hurricanes beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in overtime 4 to 3.

In men’s NBA basketball:

The New Orleans Pelicans topped the San Antonio Spurs 126 to 117.