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Albany International Airport launches lanyard program to help people with developmental disabilities

Albany International launches new lanyard program
Ashley Hupfl
Albany International launches new lanyard program

Marking the start of Developmental Disabilities Awareness month, Albany International Airport launched a new program Tuesday. It discreetly signals that a traveler, or someone in the group, has a disability and may need additional support.

The airport is now participating in the Sunflower lanyard program, which started at an airport in Great Britain. Airport CEO Philip Calderone says the green lanyard with yellow sunflowers identifies someone with an invisible or hidden disability.

"Travelers can then have airport personnel to assist them as they navigate through the airport process," he said.

Democratic County Executive Dan McCoy praised the program, adding he hopes it will bring peace of mind to those traveling under stressful situations:

"This program will identify that person to make sure their travel coming through the airport is seamless," McCoy said.

Travelers can sign up for the program at the airport or by mail.