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Republican Gregory Thayer discusses his campaign for Vermont Lieutenant Governor

With current Vermont Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray running for Congress, the state’s number two position appears to be attracting the most candidates of the 2022 races. So far four Democrats and two Republicans have entered the field. One of the GOP contenders is businessman and former Rutland GOP chair Gregory Thayer. He tells WAMC North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley he is running because he is tired and frustrated with what is happening in Montpelier.

Mainly the left, the Progressives, in my opinion are ruining the great state of Vermont; that they’re not taking care of the crime problems; they’re working, they’re assaulting our Vermont Constitution and the education system.  Those are my three top priorities: crime, our schools and our U.S. and Vermont Constitutions.

When you refer to the Progressives in the Legislature, obviously Vermont is a three party state, are you really pointing to the Progressive Party or are you including the Democrats?

I’m pointing at the Progressives and I usually will say Progressive-slash-Democrats. But t here are some Republicans who I put in that camp as well. And we need leadership. We need to stand up against the policies of the Progressives and Democrats. And our policies are better for the people at large. There’s too many unintended consequences of the Democrat and the Progressive’s policies and they don’t care. The people in that building in our house, the People’s House in Montpelier, don’t care about the everyday Vermonter. They don’t care about Vermonters. They’re doing their agenda their way for their special interest organizations. And that’s going to stop.

Back in 2018 you wrote that Vermont is of serious concern. Why have things gotten to the point where you’re running for Lieutenant Governor?

You know look at the crime situation. And it’s not just in Burlington. There’s a lot of great people that will not go into downtown Burlington because of the crime. And here in Rutland there’s issues of prosecutors not prosecuting crimes. And then you’ve got the Global Warming Solutions Act that they passed in Montpelier that I think is devastating to the working family, the working person. The energy costs are going to go through the roof, not just to power their vehicle but also their home. And they’re already struggling and now we’re going to add this. Unintended consequences of a lot of the Progressive-Democratic bills are hurting everyday Vermonters and that’s very, very concerning to me. And then what’s going on in our schools. This past summer I toured the state talking about Critical Race Theory. Now we all know Critical Race Theory isn’t a curricula taught in the schools. It’ the teaching ways. It’s the systems. It’s the different methods that are used by the educators. And to me equity is the lowest common denominator and to me it holds back kids. We need to raise that other child up, that other student up in excelling. We didn’t sign our children over to government and these government schools think they own our kids and they don’t. It’s we the parents.

Greg Thayer, you’re running for Lieutenant Governor, but the Lieutenant Governor basically presides over the Senate. That position does not introduce legislation, really doesn’t set any policy. So how would being Lieutenant Governor help promote a lot of these issues and ideals that you feel need to move forward?

Basically the Lieutenant Governor I’ve been told it’s a ceremonial position. You gavel in, you gavel out the Senate. But I can go into various committees in the House and in the Senate and testify on issues. Hopefully I will have a voice that can talk about issues and work with the various legislators to introduce bills that I’m fighting for and just keeping my voice active. I’m very respectful. I’m very brutal truth pinpointed. But I’m a good listener and I will work for the people and I’m going to give them a voice.

Greg Thayer, you referred to some of the policies promoted in the Legislature as radical, far left radical and such. But there’s some that might say your philosophy is far-right radical. So how do you respond to that characterization of your philosophy and what you want to bring to Montpelier?

With the current makeup of the Vermont Legislature anything that they don’t want, if you don’t fit their narrative, you’re radical, you’re a racist, you’re a hater. You’re all those bad things even in basic conversations. But who wants to, who thinks it’s good to slaughter babies? Who thinks it’s good to hurt the working Vermonter with energy costs? And then teaching kids in our schools that because they’re white they’re inherently a racist. I’m considered a racist under their philosophy. And the way they’re teaching. The indoctrination. Giving our children blockers, hormone blockers, at the age of 7 or 8, in our schools. Doing it sometimes behind parent’s backs. You know, where’s the families? Where’s the parent’s rights? And if that’s radical then sign me up. I’m there. I’ll wear that badge of honor every single day to fight for the families and the children and the working man and woman. My campaign is about again the people. I don’t need the popular politicians. I’m not looking for their endorsement. I’m looking for the everyday man and woman. And that’s who I’m appealing to and that’s who I’m working for and I’m working to help them and get their situation better and stop crazy policies from the Progressives and the Democrats. I’m a Vermonter and I’m a frugal Vermonter. I love our state and I’m working hard for the people

So far, businessman and former Rutland GOP chair Gregory Thayer faces Senator Joe Benning in the Republican primary for Lieutenant Governor.

Democrats in the field include former House Representative Kitty Toll,  former Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman, Woodstock Representative Charlie Kimbell and Vermont Council on World Affairs Executive Director Patricia Preston.

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