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New York Republicans outline economic plan to improve state's economy

The New York State Capitol
WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas
The New York State Capitol (file)

The New York state Senate’s Republican conference unveiled what it’s calling an “End the Exodus” plan today. Its part of a 2022 agenda released at the beginning of the session.

The Republican senators say more than 300,000 New Yorkers have left the state and residents are growing more pessimistic. Citing WalletHub, the minority says the state is last in affordability. Senator Daphne Jordan of the 43rd district says things worsened during the pandemic.

“New York’s affordability crisis led to hundreds of thousands of residents saying our new state motto: I leave NY.”

Senator Dan Stec of the North Country claimed majority Democrats’ policies purport to be progressive, but aren’t — pointing to a proposal to raise the fuel tax 55 cents per gallon.

“We would have the highest fuel taxes in the country.”

The Republican agenda also includes a public safety and law enforcement plan.

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