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Group Calls On New York To Raise Tobacco Tax

tobacco products including e-cigarettes (vaping products) on UAlbany campuses will not be permitted
Composite Image by Dave Lucas

The New York State Department of Health has released new statistics showing a large percentage of cancer survivors continue to smoke, putting their lives and health at further risk.

The numbers show 32% of New Yorkers between 18 and 44 who have been diagnosed with cancer are smoking, compared to just 14% of those in the same age group who have never received a cancer diagnosis.

For those aged 45-64, 16% of cancer survivors smoke compared to 14% of those that have never received a cancer diagnosis.
Julie Hart with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network has one fix in mind:

"Tobacco taxes are one of the most effective ways to reduce tobacco use in New York state. It's a win-win-win. It will mean fewer smokers, lower health care costs and much-needed revenue for public health programs."

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