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Maloney Sued For Seeking Two Offices Simultaneously

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney
WAMC/Allison Dunne
Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney

Republican congressional candidate James O’Donnell and a group of residents in the 18th Congressional District have filed a lawsuit in State Supreme Court in Albany seeking to prevent Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney from running for both re-election and state attorney general simultaneously.

Maloney is running in a multi-candidate Democratic primary election for attorney general in September. Should he win that, he would step away from his congressional race. Should he lose the attorney general primary, he would continue on in his congressional bid.

“Sean Maloney is busy doing Attorney General commercials and debates while the residents of the 18th congressional district are stuck in limbo,” said O’Donnell. “It’s not just illegal, it’s unethical and insulting.” O’Donnell said residents of the congressional district “shouldn’t be anyone’s consolation prize.”

O’Donnell said just by attempting the dual run “shows just how little respect [Maloney] has for the people of the Hudson Valley.”

The case will be heard in the Albany court on August 2 where O’Donnell and the others will seek to have Maloney prevented from running for both posts simultaneously.

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