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NYSDEC Announces Agreement To Address Petersburgh Contamination

PFOA formula

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has entered an agreement to hold company Taconic responsible for removing the chemical PFOA from water supplies in the Rensselaer County community of Petersburgh. 

DEC announced the voluntary Order on Consent with Taconic Thursday night. The state will install additional point-of-entry treatment systems on private wells to remove the chemical PFOA. The state is offering POET systems to all who ask and will seek reimbursement from Taconic.

Taconic will install and maintain a filtration system on the municipal water supply and on private wells impacted by PFOA concentrations above the EPA advisory level.

The chemical that has been linked to ill-health effects has also been found in water supplies in nearby Hoosick Falls, where buildings owned by company Saint-Gobain have been recommended for Federal Superfund Status.

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