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Montgomery County Eyed For Dollar General Distribution Center

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Weeks after news of a potential distribution center for Dollar General fell through in Saratoga County, the company is eyeing a new site in Montgomery County. Proponents are viewing the project as a job creator.

In February, the Saratoga Economic Development Corporation broke the news: despite efforts by local officials and $11 million in incentives, Dollar General would not build a 750,000-square-foot distribution center in the Town of Wilton, off Northway Exit 16.

According the statement released by the SEDC, the company determined the property "would not meet their needs." The SEDC said it was disappointed but thanked the company for their consideration and investment in its retail stores.

A month later, it was announced that the Montgomery County Industrial Development Agency recently received an application from Dollar General to establish a distribution center at the Florida Business Park.

Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation director Ken Rose has been tasked by the IDA with getting things started at the local level.

"They authorized me to go out and schedule  a public hearing in relation to that application. We're working through that due-diligence process with them, and we'll continue to work through that due-diligence process with them through the local planning board, which in this case, would be in the Town of Florida."

Rose said he is hoping to schedule a public hearing in the town of Florida in May.

The site in question has seen big investments in recent years. The corridor where Florida Business Park and its extension are located have become home to distribution centers for Target, Hill & Markes, and Beechnut Nutrition Company.

"It's huge for the county, a small county like ours. I mean, there's over a thousand employees currently within that half-mile corridor on State Highway 5S. And that corridor has seen well over $400 million of capital investment in the last ten years," said Rose.

Rose said a potential Dollar General distribution center could bring in 500 more jobs.

Meanwhile, back in Saratoga County, the SEDC says it will continue to market the property off Exit 16. Todd Shimkus, president and CEO of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, says Dollar General's reconsideration of the location does have a bright side.

"The fact that they really took a hard look at that area tells you that it has prospects for that kind of development in the future. It just wasn't the case for them today," said Shimkus.

The SEDC previously attracted Target and Ace distribution centers off Exit 16.

Lucas Willard is a reporter and host at WAMC Northeast Public Radio, which he joined in 2011.
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