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More Than 318 Million Pounds Of E-Waste Diverted From Landfills In NY

Wikimedia Commons/Curtis Palmer

State officials say more than 318 million pounds of electronic waste was diverted from landfills in the first three years of New York's electronics recycling law, but discarded televisions and computer monitors pose a challenge.

Department of Environmental Conservation Acting Commissioner Basil Seggos said in a statement Monday that DEC will provide funds to help municipalities deal with a glut of cathode ray tubes from discarded televisions and monitors. He said DEC also will be stepping up enforcement to ensure full compliance with the law. The final phase of New York's 2010 electronics recycling law took effect in January 2015, making it illegal for consumers to throw so-called "e-waste" in the garbage. The New York Association of Counties wants lawmakers to amend the e-waste recycling law to require manufacturers to collect e-waste.

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