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New York Begins Campaign Against Campus Sexual Assault

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo

New York has begun a new statewide campaign to fight campus sexual assault and support Gov. Andrew Cuomo's call to expand a new sexual consent policy to private colleges.

Cuomo announced the "Enough is Enough" campaign Wednesday. The initiative includes a website, video and a new 24-hour hotline operated by the state police for reporting sexual violence on college campuses.

As part of the campaign, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul will go on a tour of campuses around the state to meet with students and administrators on the topic of sexual assault.

The state's public university system recently adopted a victim's bill or rights and a new sexual consent policy that requires a clear, affirmative agreement between partners.

Cuomo wants lawmakers to make the rules apply to private colleges and universities.

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