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Cuomo Campaigns on Women's Rights Issues

Karen DeWitt

Governor Cuomo, his democratic running mate Kathy Hochul and other women’s rights advocates spoke to a cheering crowd of union members and local elected officials, as part of a three city upstate bus tour to promote a 10 point women’s rights plan.

Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act, failed in the State Senate, when both parties could not muster enough votes for an abortion rights provision. Now Cuomo and running mate Kathy Hochul are making it a campaign issue. On a three city upstate tour on a bus they’re calling the Women’s Equality Express, Cuomo says opponents of his abortion rights bill, which include his challenger Rob Astorino, will pay at the polls.

“If you want to be against those ten points, then you be against those ten points at your political risk,” Cuomo, said to applause. “Because women want full equality in this society, and they want that bill of rights passed.”

Several women speakers tried to tie Astorino to the views of Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is pro life and whose state is closing abortion clinics.  Astorino campaigned with Perry this week.  The Republican candidate for governor has said while he pro life, he would not act to take away women’s rights in the federal Roe v Wade decision.

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