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Working Families Party Endorsement Going Down To The Wire

Dan Cantor

It’s coming down to the wire for a decision on whether the Working Families Party endorses New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for reelection or not. Talks are ongoing as the Saturday convention approaches.

The left-leaning minor party was angered when Cuomo failed to win a public campaign financing system for state wide offices in the budget. They were also annoyed by cuts to corporate taxes and for wealthy estate owners that the governor championed.

Cuomo has faced opposition from Republicans in the State Senate, who rule in a coalition with a group of breakaway Democrats.

In perhaps a signal to the Working Families Party, the governor now says he may very well campaign against the Senate leadership in the fall elections, if they don’t agree to expand public campaign financing by the end of the legislative session.  

“If they do not pass public finance, I will consider the coalition a failure,” Cuomo said. “And I will act accordingly.”

Cuomo says he’s “pessimistic” about the chances of an agreement with the Senate.

GOP Senators are getting their own pressure from the state’s Conservative Party, which is also meeting May 31, and says it won’t endorse Senators who favor a taxpayer financed campaign system.

Cuomo appeared at an event with New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio, who says Cuomo’s programs have been “consistent with progressive philosophy,” and says the party should endorse him.

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