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Another New York Sex Scandal

New York State Capitol

The Daily News is reporting that Orange County Republican Party chairman Robert Krahulik is being asked to resign after allegedly texting lewd pictures of himself to a friend of his girlfriend.

Sources say Krahulik, 48, a lawyer and a trustee of the county community college, sent pictures of himself to a friend of the  26-year-old woman he was dating.

The controversy over Krahulik erupted last week when sources said his girlfriend briefly posted the pictures and a message on Facebook.

Krahulik, who has only been Orange County GOP chairman for a few months, said his political opponents were trying to embarrass him. “It’s unfortunate they would stoop to this level. At this point, they are embarrassing themselves.”

A high-level area Republican said it’s expected Krahulik will be gone this week.

Full story at http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/orange-county-gop-head-caught-sexting-scandal-article-1.1602509