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Anti-Fracking Move Keeps Heat On At Capital

Bosc d'Anjou/Flickr

ALBANY – More than 1,000 protesters gathered at the State Capitol to send the message to Governor Cuomo that New Yorkers don’t want fracking. The action included 130 co-sponsor organizations from medical associations to farmers to the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter.

Protesters came on 30 buses, in car pools, rode bikes and walked. They were joined by former Congressman Maurice Hinchey, Actor Debra Winger, and musician Natalie Merchant.

Hinchey called upon the government to do what he said is the right thing.

“New York State is known as an environmental leader in law, protection, and safety,”  Hinchey said.  “Let us live up to that fine reputation. We are calling on the government to reject this very dangerous technology, and instead embrace a renewable energy economy.”

Ulster County resident and local author Marc Fried doesn’t feel that hydro-fracking of natural gas is a good solution for energy problems.

“It is a very short term, bogus, solution to energy and global warming,” Fried said.

John Armstrong, of Olivebridge, and the communications director of Frack Action, said the protest was aimed at Cuomo as he is the one who will make the decision about fracking.

“We are here on the door steps of the State Capital calling on Governor Cuomo to say no to fracking and yes to renewable energy,” Armstrong said. “Reject this disastrous process – the out of state oil and gas corporations that would only poison our water, poison our air, and destroy our health.”