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NY works on invasive species plan for Lake George

Andy Arthur / Flickr

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (AP) — New York regulators are working on a long-term plan to protect Lake George from invasive species, possibly including mandatory boat inspections.

The Lake George Park Commission had been developing plans for inspections and washing, with a $40 fee. The commission now says that plan is on hold while the Department of Environmental Conservation drafts an environmental impact statement, seeks public input, and considers alternatives.

The 32-mile-long Adirondack lake already has some invasive species such as milfoil and Asian clams. The commission has programs to fight those species, including spreading plastic mats to smother them.

The state has agreed to provide $50,000 to expand a boat steward program, and $200,000 to fight Asian clams.

Environmentalists say mandatory boat inspection and washing is the best way to prevent spread of invasive species.

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