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Gibson: Keep U.S. forces out of Syria

WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas
Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-20) speaks to reporters in Saratoga County [October 24, 2011]

Upstate New York Congressman Chris Gibson, a Republican and retired Army colonel who sits on the House Committee on Armed Services, says the U.S. should not intervene in Syria, where opposition forces are locked in a violent struggle against the regime. Gibson spoke with WAMC today.

"I don’t support U.S forces going to Syria," Gibson says. "I do think we can play a role diplomatically, and we have been, but I would tell you that the situation in Syria is a lot more murky than in the initial read of that in the media. For example, the opposing forces, they come from a wide variety of political backgrounds, and there’s reason to believe that part of that background includes those that have been hostile to our country. "

Dr. Alan Chartock is professor emeritus at the University at Albany. He hosts the weekly Capitol Connection series, heard on public radio stations around New York. The program, for almost 12 years, highlighted interviews with Governor Mario Cuomo and now continues with conversations with state political leaders. Dr. Chartock also appears each week on The Media Project and The Roundtable and offers commentary on Morning Edition, weekdays at 7:40 a.m..
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