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Upstate NY Sheriff Investigates Soda Bottle Bomb


The Oneida County Sheriff's Office is investigating after someone turned in a lump of melted green plastic that appears to have been a homemade bomb rigged with matches, gasoline and bullets.  WAMC's Tristan O'Neill reports...

Deputies say a Barneveld resident found the object on a trail in the town of Trenton on March 18 and turned it in to the sheriff's office on Sunday.

It appears that someone had filled a 2-liter soda bottle with gasoline and a large quantity of live ammunition and attached a makeshift fuse made of wooden matches taped together. The device had been lit, and some of the ammunition had exploded. Deputies say it wasn't dangerous when it was found.

Deputies are asking anyone with information to contact the sheriff's office in Barneveld.

Tristan O’Neill, WAMC News.

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