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NY Growers Worry about Buds as Temperature Plunges

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Upstate New York growers are watching fruit trees anxiously as a strong cold front sweeps through the region, bringing frost that could damage buds.  WAMC's Tristan O’Neill reports…

Many fruit trees have started to bud as much as four weeks ahead of schedule because of the unusual warmth in recent weeks.

Wayne County orchard owner Stephanie Craft tells the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle that she and her husband Gary won't be able to sleep Monday night. The temperature is expected to drop to about 23 degrees.

Jim Ochterski of the Ontario County Cooperative Extension says the wine grape crop is in danger.

The Crafts will run a huge fan Monday night to pull warmer air from a pond and push it up a hill to protect 120 acres of fruit.

Tristan O'Neill, WAMC News. 

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