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NYS Lawmakers Have Not Yet Released Proposed Redistricting Maps


Albany, NY – State lawmakers have not yet released their proposed maps for new district lines. A government reform group has tried to fill the void by releasing its own set of maps that it says are a model for non partisan districts. Capitol Correspondent Karen DeWitt reports...

Sue Lerner, with Common Cause, says her group has released proposed maps of legislative districts that it says are non partisan, and is based on grouping regions and neighborhoods with similar characteristics together.

"They're built on factors that are important to people, not politicians," said Lerner.

Lerner says when the changing demographics in the state are taken into account, the district do end up favoring Democrats, who outnumber registered Republicans in the state by nearly two to one. The GOP controls the State Senate by just one vote.

Meanwhile, a legislative committee continues to work to draw new lines. Governor Cuomo says he'll veto any that are gerrymandered or partisan.

In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.