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Conservation and Agriculture Groups Ask Congress for Research Funding for Bat Disease

By Pat Bradley


Richmond, VT – The Center for Biological Diversity is asking Congress to approve a funding appropriation proposed by New Jersey Senator Frank Launtenberg and Vermont Sen Patrick Leahy that would provide 10-point-8 million dollars for research and management of white nose syndrome. Discovered in New York State in 2006, the disease has killed more than one million bats across six species and has spread to seventeen states and four Canadian provinces. Northeast Conservation Advocate Mollie Matteson.....
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The Center also wants Congress to pass the Wildlife Disease Emergency Act to create a framework for addressing wildlife disease crises. Again Mollie Matteson......
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Food safety, conservation, and organic farming groups are among those supporting the Center's efforts. Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont Policy Advisor Dave Rogers says bats not only help control insects, they are also an indicator of the health of the ecosystem.....
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Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut Executive Director Bill Duesing is also President of the NOFA Interstate Council......
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The Center for Biological Diversity cites a study published in the journal Nature that found bats contributed between 3.7 and 53 billion dollars worth of pest control to the agriculture industry annually.