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Agreement Gives Schneiderman Investigative Power


Albany, NY – The powers of New York State Attorney General's office could expand under a new agreement with the state comptroller. WAMC's Ian Pickus has more

The New York Times reports that Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli have reached an accord that will give Schneiderman broader power to prosecute corruption that involves taxpayer money.

The deal expands the attorney general's ability to work on public integrity cases. The comptroller and attorney general will establish a joint task force on public integrity, the paper reports, with prosecutors looking into pensions, government contracts, and legislative earmarks.

Still, the attorney general will remain unable to investigate election law violations, and would be unable to investigate the Legislature for crimes unrelated to the spending of state money.

As comptroller, DiNapoli has referred state and local government spending audits to the attorney general if wrongdoing appears.