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Partners Prepare Albany For Electric Vehicles

By Dave Lucas


Albany, NY – Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings today announced a partnership with NYSERDA and the New York State Department of Transportation to prepare the city for electric vehicles. Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

The New York State Energy Plan specifically calls for investing in transportation and energy infrastructure that is responsive to environmental concerns. Governor Andrew Cuomo has identified electric vehicles as a priority in his energy and environmental agenda. The city of Albany and partnering entities are joining forces to ensure a smooth transition from fossil fuels to electric powered cars and trucks by providing and strategically situating charging stations.

Mayor Jennings believes it is important that Albany lead the state in establishing electric vehicle-friendly support.

Paul Slazas drove up to Albany from Columbia County in his brand new Chevy Volt... the Stockport resident discovered the press conference while online googling EV charging stations in the vicinity of Albany. He attests to the vehicle's efficiency and says he pays the equivalent of $1.20 a gallon of gas per electric charge.

Mayor Jennings himself drove a Chevy Volt to the press event. The Mayor's Office of Energy and Sustainability will oversee the EV feasibility study and pilot program. The project's 200-thousand dollar bill we shared by the city, NYSERDA, the DOT, Engineering company VHB and DeNooyer Chevrolet.

Earlier this year, the Office released the city's greenhouse gas inventory and priority initiatives for 2011 which includes a goal to replace at least 10% of the municipal fleet with alternative fuel vehicles by 2030. A Jennings spokesman says the study is expected to take two to three months, and results will be made public in mid-to-late summer.