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Leaders & Experts vs. Energy Costs

By Dave Lucas


Albany, NY – Rising energy costs have upstate leaders and energy experts looking for ways to address them... Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

Upstate New Yorkers are paying more for electricity than anyone else - that's what officials are telling citizens who are struggling to keep the lights on. Gordon Boyd is president of EnergyNext: the Saratoga Springs company manages group energy buying programs for associations, businesses and municipalities. Boyd participated in a recent discussion about energy headed by Senator Roy McDonald, who is calling on the Public Service Commission and the The Independent System Operator to see what can be done. Dennis Brobston, president of Saratoga Economic Development Corporation, says lower energy costs are important to attract new business.

Last fall, a legislator in one upstate county raised concerns over a rate increase National Grid plans to charge upstate New York and Albany County: Brain Scavo called the hike "another opportunity buster, which will drive business out of upstate New York." Gordon Boyd says high prices should not be blamed solely on the utilities. He pointed a finger in the direction of the ISO. The Independent System Operator was unable to comment in time for broadcast.