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Sen. Gillibrand Visits Troy Army Base

By Dave Lucas


Troy, NY – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, was in Troy Friday afternoon, meeting with military officials on matters of national security. Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

Gillibrand was greeted by troops upon her arrival at the 42nd Infantry Division Base, then briefed by military brass concerning current National Guard deployments and responsibilities. Gillibrand says one of the biggest challenges faced by young veterans is finding jobs in the civilian world. The Senator promised her office will work with area employees and chambers of commerce on behalf of young veterans.

Gillibrand then fielded reporters' questions on a variety of topics, including the conflict in Libya. She said the men and women of the 42nd WON'T be going there, since NATO is now running operations there and the US will not commit ground forces. Gillibrand feels strongly that the US Government should not be providing arms to the Libyan rebels, and named Libyan Leader Moamar Khadafy "her biggest concern" - Gillibrand stressed that "regime change" is not on the President's agenda. She gave an update on Congresswoman Gabreille Giffords, shot in the head at a public event in Tucscon on January 8th. She said Giffords is undergoing intensive physical and speech therapy, continuing to make progress, and hopefully will be back on Capitol Hill in the near future. Gillibrand shared that she feels safe in her job. And what happened to Giffords hasn't changed her own position on Second Amendment Rights.