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Peace Bus

By Dave Lucas


Albany, NY – A local chapter of a worldwide Muslim Community Organization is promoting peace - by running banner ads on CDTA busses... Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

The signs display a simple message: "Love for all, hatred for none." The banners are part of a nationwide effort by "Muslims for peace" - to convey a message denouncing extremism and terrorism is delivered by mass transit. National Vice President of Ahmadiyya Community U.S.A Naseem Mahdi says the campaign denounces extremism and terrorism, and promotes the true guiding principles of Islam, which he defines as peace with God and with mankind, freedom, loyalty to one's country, and justice for all.

CDTA spokesperson Margo Janack says the bus ads are not unusual, and notes that the authority rejects ads that are illegal or pornographic in nature such as from tobacco shops, gentlemens clubs and escort services.