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Reformers: New Yorkers Fed Up With Albany

By Dave Lucas


Albany, NY – Declaring that New Yorkers are fed up with the state's ethics problems and need a constructive outlet to express their anger, The Brennan Center For Justice, Citizens Union of the City of New York, Common Cause New York and the League of Women Voters New York State are joining with the New York Public Interest Research Group to create a platform for an ideologically and regionally diverse coalition of groups to express their points of view and demand change. Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

The so-called "Good Government Groups" have banded together to urge New York lawmakers to act to restore public confidence and their calling on reformers from across the state to rally May 5th in Albany. They point to the series of scandals that have driven from office Governor Spitzer, Comptroller Hevesi, Senate Majority Leader Bruno and a growing number of state legislators. Some elected officials - including Governor Paterson - are currently under investigation. Many of these abuses of power were rooted in the absence of effective and independent ethics and fiscal watchdogs, tough ethics laws and adequate transparency in government.

The groups have announced that on May 5th their organizations, joined by many more from across the state, will convene an event in Albany to put Albany's leading political figures "on-the-record" in how they plan to change Albany now. Meantime, the good government groups vow they'll continue to educate voters on the positions - and actions - needed to improve Albany.