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Pine Bush Landfill Update

By Dave Lucas


Albany, NY – The City of Albany has received its permit to expand the Rapp Road landfill into the Pine Bush. But, as we hear in this report from Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas, there are many challenges to the expansion.

The Department of Environmental Conservation issued the permit, which grants 15-acre expansion that will supposedly add an additional seven years' worth of life into the Rapp Road landfill. The dump was last expanded in 2000 under a state-approved plan that was supposed to extend its life by 15 years. But it's nearly full NOW.

The 41-million dollar expansion has been a "hot potato" tossed back and forth by environmentalists and municipal officials since 2005.

Expansion opponents would prefer the city come up with an alternative plan to dispose of waste.

The City has promised to restore 250 acres of Pine Bush in exchange for the expansion, which will be the 5th since 1990.

Before Albany can proceed with the expansion, the US Army Corps or Engineers must grant a permit to destroy wetlands on the site. Save The Pines Bush will request that the permit NOT be granted. Jackson says the group will be reviewing its legal options in the days to come.