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Women, Power, and Possibility: Symposium in Troy

By Dave Lucas


LISTEN to this report here!

Albany, NY – A weekend symposium in Troy will feature a panel of young women making their mark around the globe.

Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas has a preview ...

They're young and most don't have name recognition -- yet --- but they've found special niches that have enabled them to translate their beliefs into action with commitment and conviction. Seven young women who are using the power of their intellect and the energy of their passion to make positive change all over the world will speak at Women, Power, and Possibility, the second in a series conference is being held this Saturday, September 27th, at Emma Willard School in Troy.

Among the distinguished panelists slated to appear: Neelam Mehta, a 1993 graduate of Emma Willard who founded ClickAid in 2002. ClickAid is a nonprofit organization that collects and organizes obsolete and unwanted computer technology and donates the equipment to groups and charities in underdeveloped nations. ClickAid has sent thousands of computers to schools, hospitals, job training centers, literacy programs, and people with disabilities.

Kiva is a unique online tool that enables people to extend loans in a very unique way to small businesses around the world.

Jessica Jackley Flannery co-founded kiva-dot-org with her husband Matt - the micro-loan organization took the globe by storm. She too will join the panel at Emma Willard.

Other panelists include AfricAid founder Ashley Schuyler (Shoo-lur) and Lindsay Hyde, the founder of Strong Women, Strong Girls... the complete roster and schedule is available at emmawillard.org/symposium --- The conference will also be streamed through emmawillard-dot-org.

Here is the direct link to the stream.