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WAMC Mourns Passing of Linda Norris


Albany, NY – We are saddened to announce that the well-loved Linda Norris, for whom WAMC's Linda Norris Auditorium is named, has died. Linda Norris and her husband Bob have been pillars in the WAMC community for decades.

Linda M. Norris,was married to Robert W. Norris on Dec. 21, 1980, in Forest Row, Sussex, England. Linda was a nurturer of ideas and people. She lived in Great Barrington for 26 years with her husband.

The daughter of a polar explorer, she traveled for almost eight years with cancer. She was determined to explore alternative and complementary approaches to healing and courageously charted her own journey. She created the NOAH Center (New Opportunities for Achieving Health) in Great Barrington in order to provide education and support for people with health concerns.

A longtime student of the work of Rudolf Steiner and his world view called "anthroposophy," she co-founded Anthroposophy Working, which offered lectures and workshops for many years in the Berkshires. (Credit: The Berkshire Eagle)

WAMC would like to take some time to remember Linda for the kindness and generosity she's shown us, and how she has touched so many of our lives. In this audio clip, Alan Chartock, President and CEO of WAMC, remembers Linda Norris.