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Maple Production Off In 2021

Traditional maple sap bucket
Photo by Pat Bradley
Traditional maple sap bucket

New statistics show that maple syrup production across the country was off just under 17% this year.  In Vermont, the nation's top maple producer, production fell just over 21%.
The 2021 Northeast Region Maple Syrup report from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service included a national production figure of 3.4 million gallons, but it only included production figures for five northeastern states: Vermont, at 1.5 million; New York, 647,000; Maine, 495,000; Pennsylvania, 165,000 and New Hampshire, 127,000.

Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association executive director Allison Hope says low production was due to poor weather, which included warm weather in March that ended the season early, and  low sugar content that meant producers had to boil more sap to make a gallon of syrup.

Hope also said this year's federal statistics don't match those that were released last year and she is seeking an explanation for the difference.

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