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Vermont Attorney General Outlines Top Scams

Pie chart of Vermont's top scams of 2020
Vermont Attorney General's office
Pie chart of Vermont's top scams of 2020

Vermont’s Attorney General has released the top scams reported in the statelast year.
More than 5,000 Vermonters filed scam reports with the Consumer Assistance Program in 2020.  

The most common, for the second year, is a scam claiming your Social Security number has been compromised.  The next most prevalent scam is the so-called “free money” scam in which you are told you’ve won money but must pay a fee or taxes upfront in order to collect the prize.  

According to Attorney General T.J. Donovan’s office, 249 Vermonters lost about $1.5 million in 2020 to scammers.

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