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Vermont Republican Governor Calls On Senate To Impeach Trump

Vermont Governor Phil Scott
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Vermont Governor Phil Scott (file photo)

During the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, House managers presented video evidence that included comments from Republican officials. Among them were statements Governor Phil Scott made to the Vermont Legislature in January.  On Friday, the governor responded to the use of his comments.
Governor Scott has been a critic of the former president and said Donald Trump put himself before country. Scott praised House managers and says it’s clear Senators must vote in favor of impeachment.  “Because if we don’t we’re condoning this action and it will replicate in the future. And that’s the most dangerous part. If this is okay to do I guarantee it will be done again and it will undermine our country, our way of life and our Constitution.”  

House managers also quoted Republican Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker in their impeachment presentation.