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Hospital System Makes Significant Progress Restoring Damaged IT Systems

UVM Health Network staff work to restore IT systems
Ryan Mercer
University of Vermont Health Network
UVM Health Network staff work to restore IT systems

Over a month after a cyberattack crippled computer systems at the University of Vermont Medical Center and its affiliated hospitals, officials announced an important restoration of the system on Monday.

On October 28 a cyberattack disrupted the UVM Health Network’s electronic medical record system, phones, internet and computer systems. Executive Vice President of Operations Al Gobeille said IT teams were able to restore access to electronic medical records at inpatient and ambulatory sites at the UVM Medical Center over the weekend.  "This is a big step in getting back to where we were prior to the cyberattack. But I do want to be clear that this will be an evolutionary process as we bring the totality of our applications back up.”

The system was also restored at the Central Vermont Medical Center, with two other network hospitals expected to follow soon.