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Ending Tenure At Head Of Pittsfield Schools, McCandless Moves To Mount Greylock Monday

A bearded white man speaks at a podium
Pittsfield Public Schools
Jake McCandless.

The head of Berkshire County’s largest school district, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is moving on to take over a new district Monday.

Jake McCandless began as Superintendent of the Pittsfield Public Schools in 2013. This summer, he announced plans to leave for the neighboring Mount Greylock Regional School district.

“It’s really a family-based decision and letting me be the kind of leader that I want to be in a district where it’s perhaps just less bureaucratic in some ways than it is in the city of Pittsfield and more hands-on and personable,” McCandless told WAMC.

McCandless made more than $169,000 in Pittsfield, and will receive about the same for his first year at Mount Greylock.

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