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Vermont Senate Overrides Minimum Wage Veto

Vermont Senate Chamber
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Vermont Senate Chamber

The Vermont Senate has overridden Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of a bill that would increase the state's minimum wage and forwarded the final decision to the House.
Vermont's Republican governor issued his veto Monday, telling lawmakers in the Democratically controlled legislature that raising the minimum wage to $12.55 an hour by 2022 from the current $10.96 would decrease employee hours and increase the costs of goods and services.  

Thursday afternoon the Senate voted 24 to 6 to override.  “Two thirds  of the members present having voting in favor of passage of the bill, the governor’s veto has been overridden.”

The Vermont House must now consider an override vote. When the minimum wage bill passed the House, it did not have enough votes to override a gubernatorial veto.

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