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With Patrick, Warren Running, Massachusetts Democrats Have Full Plate

Dwight Sipler
Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

With former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick now running for president, Berkshire County politicians are responding.

Longtime state Rep. Smitty Pignatelli of the 4th Berkshire district counts Richmond-dwelling Patrick as one of his constituents. He calls Patrick’s candidacy “exciting” and “intriguing,” but said he wants to hear more about his stances on several key issues before endorsing him in the packed Democratic field.

“He’s already stated he’s not for Medicare For All, but does like the local option – excuse me, the personal option," Pignatelli told WAMC. "So I want to see how he stands on a lot of things, but what he brings to this conversation which I think has been lacking is a sense of hope and opportunity and let’s our country based on our character, not on individuals, and I think that’s going to change the narrative in a very positive way.”

Patrick officially announced his run on Thursday. The first contest in the Democratic primary the Iowa Caucus February 3rd.

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