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Group Studying Marijuana Legalization Makes 54 Recommendations

Marijuana is dispensed from a jar

A group studying marijuana legalization in New Hampshire recommends the creation of a Cannabis Commission to regulate it, similar to the state's Liquor Commission's governmental organization.
The Commission to Study the Legalization, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana has released a report with 54 recommendations, should legislators pursue marijuana legalization.

New Hampshire Public Radio reports the recommended Cannabis Commission would be charged with licensing and enforcement, with four distinct contracts: cultivation, manufacturing, retail, and testing.

The group estimated marijuana legalization in New Hampshire could bring in a broad range of revenue, anywhere from $15.3 million to $57.8 million, not including licensing fees. The report said it is likely the revenue will come in near the midpoint of $36.6 million once the market, stabilizes, and in time, possibly reaching about $47 million.

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